Artist Statement

To photograph gives me the opportunity to recreate part of the reality in my own visual language. To see connections between elements which others might not do – and to make people wonder. Often I take pictures spontanioulsly – but with an idea at the back of my head. I like to challenge myself with mixing different expressions and techniques. I’m curious of natur and like to be close to the object.

As a Graphic Designer I often work with different layers which can be textures, shapes, black & white versus colours. And I also do that with my photography. Sometimes as double exposures in the camera or later in the image processing.

I have a poetic sense in me which often comes through in my photography. Wether there is portraits, street photography, still life or nature. The last year it has become more clear for me that this maybe comes from my fascination of the botanical world. It has always played a particular part with me. My childhood garden was a big lush of plants and flowers, and since then this world has gone like a green thread through my life. The botanical world challenge my visual capacities and gives me fresh ideas.

Often I push the limits between photography and other visual expressions. And sometimes I am questioned if it really is a photography – or if it is a litho, a watercolour or a drawing.

I like that it is something thought-provoking in my pictures – that others canbe surprised what they see.